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Toledo City Water District is a Government Owned & Controlled Corporation (GOCC ), created on September 15, 1980 by virtue of the Toledo City Sangguniang Panlungsod Resolution No. 54 pursuant to the provisions of Presidential Decree 198 as amended. The Local Water Utiities Administration issued Certificate of Conformance No. 195 on April 20, 1982. However, the newly established water system was not able to operate under the management of the Toledo City Waterworks of the Local Government.

The Technical and Advisory Committee of the Toledo City Development Council conducted a study in 2000 on the operation & performance of the Waterworks System managed by the Local Government and recommended to reactivate the Toledo City Water District to manage the water system operation in a private-like manner to make it more technically efficient, financially viable and instiutionally sustainable.

In October 15, 2001, the Toledo City Water District was reactivated thru Sangguniang Panlungsod Resolution No. 2001-80 and transferring all the existing water system facilities, installations and obligations integral to the waterworks operation to the Toledo City Water District. Toledo City Water District took over full operation of the defunct Toledo Waterworks System on April 2, 2002.

Toledo City Water District is currently providing potable water supply to the residents, commercial establishments in Toledo City and its 22 component Barangays and also, augmenting the water supply requirement of industries operating in Toledo City.

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