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meter reading


If you receive a monthly water bill for your individual residence then your water usage is monitored by a water meter. A water meter is a simple device located on the main water supply for a property that tracks the volume of water that flows through the mainline each day. This volume is read in order to calculate your monthly bill, but you can also read it yourself to help determine your own water usage. Learning how to read a water meter can provide important help in reducing your bills and water usage.

Step 1- Locate your water meter

Step 2- Lift the protective cap on the meter

Many water meters will have a plastic cap over the dial to protect it from damage. Lift this cap on its hinge to expose the dial.

Step 3- Determine the volume of water used by your household.

On the face of the water meter, you will see a large dial and a series of numbers. The numbers represent the volume of water used by your household since the last time the meter was read. The unit for this measurement will be specified on the dial face; common unit is cubic meters. The dial itself rotates slowly with water consumption.

Step 4- Determine the amount of water your household uses over a period of time.

To track your water usage, begin by writing down the reading on the meter. Wait a specified period of time (a full day or full week, for example), and then write down the new reading. Subtract the first reading from the second to determine how much water you used during that time period. 1-10 cubic meter consumption per month would mean a minimum fee of P156.00

Step 5- Calculate the cost of your water usage.

If you want to calculate the cost of the water you use, you'll need to determine how the water is billed. The unit rate is given to consumers on the day of the Installation Seminar, which is the price paid per billing unit consumed. Convert your total water consumption into the billing unit to determine the cost of the water bill.

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